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Basically there are two very important offline email service providing platforms, Lotus Notes and MS Outlook. But at the same time due to reasons like smooth processing and being less technical, MS Outlook has got an edge and thus is very much popular among users and there are many who prefer it over Lotus Notes.

MS Outlook in Demand
Without any doubt, the usage of any software device is dependent on the users' contented level with such application. And, so if we talk about the popularity of MS Outlook then needless to say that MS Outlook definitely has got more demand. In fact, as per many IT experts it is best ever medium available at the users' disposal in the present scenario for easy management of multiple files and folders of different size. As a user you could very easily archive and channelize heavy email messages obtained using this platform. On other hand, Lotus Notes is expensive software and at same time requires technical expertise to use it. Adding to that, the training and maintenance cost of Lotus Notes software is comparatively high in comparison to MS Outlook. However, the archive system is one of the most significant features of the Outlook platform besides the security. Certainly, MS Outlook platform acts like a tough shield and play a very helpful role in protecting the inbox and other database.

How to Import Emails from Lotus Notes to Outlook?
Well, in case you are wondering to export email from Lotus Notes to Outlook then you are on a right track, but it also gets important to keep a few things in mind. There are certain factors you need to count upon while carrying out hassle-free and smooth transition of emails data from Lotus Notes to Outlook. You got to very well ensure that the files have to be shifted to Outlook are in PST format. Make sure that during the data migration there is no loss of data. Although, MS Outlook has got an inbuilt mechanism to keep such threats at bay, taking vital precaution is always essential to ensure smooth flow of data. However, there is a manual procedure to perform Lotus Notes to MS Outlook migration. The steps you would require to follow are as follows:

Step.1- First of all open the IBM Lotus Notes and click ‘Mail’ tab.

Step.2- From the menu bar go to ‘File >> Export’ to start the ‘Export’ wizard.

Strep.3- Select your export format option as ‘Tabular Text’ and continue the process.

Step.4- Once the process gets completed to the end of the export wizard, click ‘Export’ and thus export the email file.
Step.5- After this, you got to open MS Outlook to import these emails. To do so, click ‘File’ and then select ‘Import and Export’ option.

Step.6 - The ‘Import and Export’ wizard of MS Outlook gets open and then you would require selecting the file that you have exported from Lotus Notes. After completion of this process, click ‘Finish’ and finally close the ‘Import and Export’ wizard and import your email files to MS Outlook.

Now, by opting the method mentioned above you could very well perform Lotus Notes to Outlook migration but at same time it has got certain drawbacks. The manual method does not allow you to select some specific email items and may even consume ample amount of time.  If you are one of them, then the best approach you can opt is taking help of an efficient NSF to PST Converter software.

Right Solution
But again it could even get tougher to get and use the perfect lotus notes to outlook converter as there are numerous brands offering the product. In such a scenario, experts recommend availing the freeware demo version of the tool and assess the real assets of the software. By taking help of a demo version of software you could get familiar with the conversion process step wise. Nevertheless, Kernel for Lotus Notes to Outlook is one such efficient utility that facilitates user to perform quick and accurate Lotus Notes emails, contacts, calendar items, drafts etc conversion in time. The utility has got many advance features like it helps in recreating folder structure of NSF file into PST file and also facilitate option to save and view converted file in Text or RTF format. The best aspect about software is that it supports MS Outlook 2013 as well and every latest version of MS Exchange Server for NSF to PST files conversion.
Well Lotus Notes and MS Outlook are both regarded as phenomenal email clients. Both have their own pros and cons. Within this confusion, many like to switch from Notes to Outlook or vice versa to have a better knowledge of both. Installing the new client is easy but what about your important emails in the other client. Suppose you wish to migrate from Lotus Notes to Outlook and now you prefer Outlook. You want to use it as your default mailing client and access everything from Outlook. For sure, you must have emails in Lotus Notes which are important for you and you would need them. If yes then transferring those mails in Outlook is a better idea than using both the email clients.

Well the most obvious question is how. Neither of them have any in-built tool to let you migrate mails from another client and why would they include, it would prove detrimental to their respective business. But the solution is quite simple nowadays as proficient third party tools are available to convert each and every data among email clients. 
Lotus Notes uses NSF files to store all its data whereas outlook uses PST files. While a change from notes to outlook, the file extension does not remain compatible anymore and the earlier files can’t be accessed with the new server. Thus you need a convertor to successfully transform the NSF files to PST type and resolve this anomalous concern. Just have a look at the various features that these tools provide:

  • Efficiently converts emails, contacts, journals, appointments, tasks, notes,   attachments, images to .PST file
  • Most of them also convert Domino Server mailbox accounts
  • Even supports Unicode Character Conversion
  • Preserves original formatting after migration
  • Software keeps all meta data like sent and received date, attachments, to, cc, bcc, address

Kernel for Lotus Notes to Outlook Conversion is a product with premium features. Moreover it can directly convert Domino user mailboxes to new account in Exchange Server or .PST file. This is very important feature for network administrators, who otherwise have to transfer everything manually and one by one. The converted data can be viewed in Text or RTF format. It supports version 8.0, 7.0, and 6.0 of Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino Server. Also support MS Outlook 97 and above and every version of MS Exchange Server.

Try the free evaluation version and get a feel of its potential. It is fully functional but limits you to convert one NSF file and save first ten items of every folder existing in the nsf file. Visit here :
Data migration is an integrated part of businesses, as there can be requirement to access data stored in one particular file with the application that does not support that particular file format. One of such need of data migration arises when emails, contacts, notes, tasks, calendars, etc. stored in Lotus Notes .nsf file needs to be accessed with MS Outlook; therefore, Lotus Notes to Outlook conversion is carried out. 

Here by, you might be thinking that why an organization needs to access data stored in NSF file with MS Outlook. There can be several reasons behind that like availability of dissimilar data environment, different data access strategy, reduction in IT cost, etc. The purpose of this article is not to list out the reasons leading into Lotus Notes to Outlook conversion but to describe the process to convert NSF to PST making Lotus Notes to Outlook conversion easier. 

Although, there are several tools available in the market that allow converting NSF to PST but the one which is simple and powerful can only help converting Lotus Notes to Outlook in an efficient manner. Apart from simplicity, accuracy of the data being transferred to MS Outlook is another factor that makes a tool popular amid people who are in need to access NSF data with MS Outlook. What next, you would like to have in an email conversion tool designed for Lotus Notes to Outlook conversion? You judged the tool for simplicity, accuracy, and quality, now what next you want. The support i.e. whether or not the software supports the version of Lotus Notes using which the NSF file has been created, if not then the tool is simply a loss of money for you.

Kernel for Lotus Notes to Outlook is an enterprise level NSF to PST tool, which meets all requirements of users who want to access emails, contacts, tasks, calendars, etc. stored in NSF file with MS Outlook. The tool has all qualities like simplicity, capability to generate quality output, powerful email conversion algorithm, support for almost all versions of Lotus Notes (6.0, 7.0, and 8.0), etc. Kernel for Lotus Notes to Outlook is capable to convert single or multiple NSF files into PST files in one cycle. Read more about Lotus Notes to Outlook PST at here :


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